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Cindy Phenix
Cindy Phenix
Cindy Phenix imagines new collectivities through collage. May 13, 2022

Art21: Your paintings often start with a digital collage, what’s the process behind one of these paintings?

Cindy Phenix: I start by doing research and thinking about the general concept that I want to talk about in the painting, something happening in society. Then I have different scenes that I want to depict based on that idea. Once I’ve figured out the different scenes that I want to depict in a painting, I find pictures and images that fit these narratives. The majority of images I search for online, I also use images from reference books, and I walk around outside with my phone and take pictures. Then I make a collage in Photoshop and I project the collage on the canvas to make all the outlines. There could be 50 pictures in one collage. I’m taking different elements I like and finding a way that everything makes sense, or the perspectives connect. It’s really loose because I don’t have a specific line that I’m drawing, I’m following the shadow and the light from the collage. It’s very strange, but different shapes and lines just come together, to define and build something else.