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Everyone who knows me knows that I have always believed André Butzer to be one of the most relevant painters of his generation.

But when I started collecting in 2008, I didn’t know what »relevant« actually meant. I had been aware of the Abstract Expressionists and Pop Art because of my frequent visits to the Ludwig Museum in Cologne—a stone throw away from my grandmother’s fashion boutique.

I knew the artists everyone knew but I had never been exposed to contemporary art. I wanted to understand and learn as much as I could about the art of my time. So, I bought many books and one in particular changed my life: Taschen’s »100 Contemporary Artists.«

As I leafed through, studying the two massive volumes, some appealed, others not so much. But once I came upon André Butzer, it was like a train hit me head on. In an overwhelming frenzy, I researched everything about him, ordered every catalog and thus my obsession with his work began.

I truly dove deeply and learned of his gift for color, light and fundamentally human values, I realized that I was never going to be a real collector without owning »a Butzer.«

Well, soon after I did. It’s the one which graces the back cover of this book. For the last twelve years, I have not only been lucky to acquire the other works presented in this book but also, what is more, I’ve had the great pleasure to represent André and share my true and pure passion for his work with my friends, colleagues and collectors.

Meeting an artist with such an amazing impact is a special moment, I believe, and a rare one at that. Let’s see what the next twelve years bring but along the way, it’ll surely be quite the journey.         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Nino Mier