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Marin Majic
Ends and Odds
April 1 – May 15, 2021

Nino Mier Gallery is pleased to announce, Ends and Odds, a project with Brooklyn-based artist, Marin Majic, on view in Los Angeles from April 1st through May 15th, 2021.  

Stemming from a period fraught with personal and public uncertainty, Ends and Odds, introduces an ongoing body of work galvanized by an emotionally charged culmination to 2020. Transmuting ambivalence marked by both turmoil and hope, Majic’s paintings trace an expedition through a dreamscape of enigmatic narratives and builds upon the emotional byproducts of a global pandemic, widespread socio-political upheaval, as well as the artist’s own joy and excitement surrounding the birth his first child. Rather than linking his painted scenes by an overarching plot or strictly defined rules, Majic’s compositions demonstrate a stream of consciousness and a dialogue between paintings as each small but intricate work informs the progression of the series.

Allowing the artist to quickly advance the flow of conservation between one painting to the next, the scale of the series provides a pointed focus on figures and objects that Majic has developed through years of collecting an expanding archive of collaged and manipulated cut-outs. Majic’s subjects, and the imagery with which they interact, reflect the transformation of a multitude of sources ranging from personal events to advertising, art historical allusions, and browsing the internet. Overall, Majic’s references remain cognitively intertwined as they collectively contain the underpinnings of concepts integral to his artistic practice and internal psyche including fears regarding intimacy, isolation, shelter, self-destruction, and the balance of power dynamics. Obscuring the specific provenance of his collected imagery and the personal meanings they may imply, Majic reconstructs banality as mystery in an effort to encourage an intuitive engagement with his continuously evolving narratives and creating the opportunity for limitless projection onto his compositions.

Marin Majic (b. 1979 in Frankfurt, DE; lives and works in Brooklyn, NY) studied at the Academy of Visual Arts, Zagreb, Croatia. His work has been presented in solo exhibitions at Galerie Isa, Mumbai; Marc Straus Gallery, New York; and ARNDT Fine Art, Berlin. Majic’s paintings have also been included in group exhibitions organized by Mana Contemporary, Jersey City; the Knoxville Museum of Art; and the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill, NY.